Surveying In Frisco, TX: What You Should Know About Surveying

Surveying Frisco TXIf you live in or drive through construction areas in North Texas, you have likely seen quite a few technicians surveying in Frisco, TX and in other cities that are seeing a boom in growth.  But what these men and women do and why they’re doing it is still a mystery to most people.  Here is some information that may be helpful in understanding surveying: 

What Surveyors Do

A simple explanation of a surveyor’s job comes from the U.S. Department of Labor, which defines a surveyor as someone who makes precise measurements to determine property boundaries.  He or she collects data relevant to the shape and contour of the surface of the Earth for mapmaking, engineering and construction purposes.  What that means in practical terms is that surveying in Frisco, TX provides documentation of legal property lines and helps to define the exact location of real estate and construction projects.

Why Surveying Is Necessary

When property is bought or sold – residential or commercial – a survey must be done to determine legal boundaries and to prevent property disputes.  For properties that will have new construction, surveyors must determine the precise location of roads and other buildings and the proper depths for laying foundations.  Additionally, the survey report that is produced will show changes to a property line and any potential restrictions on what can or can’t be built on a specific property.

What The Duties Of A Surveyor Are

Surveying in Frisco, TX is a highly-complex and technical occupation that involves, among other duties, measuring distances and angles between points above, on and below the surface of the Earth, researching land and survey records and land titles, preparing plots, maps and reports and presenting them to clients, government agencies and others.  Surveyors use elements of geometry, trigonometry, physics, engineering and law to perform their jobs.

What The Surveyor’s Tools Are

Surveyors use a variety of tools that include a theodolite, which measures angles in horizontal and vertical planes, a total station theodolite, which is a type of theodolite with an electronic distance meter and a level, used in conjunction with a calibrated rod, to determine the relative position of points, lines and objects.  In addition to these tools, surveyors work with GPS (Global Positioning System), which is a system of satellites that can precisely locate reference points, and with GIS (Geographic Information System), which is a system for capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing and presenting data visually as maps, charts and reports.

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