Property Survey In Frisco, TX: Top 5 Reasons To Have Your Property Surveyed

Property Survey Frisco TXThe old adage, ‘good fences make good neighbors,’ is as true today as it was when it was said for the first time.  Today, however, that adage should be appended with ‘but a good property survey in Frisco, TX makes great neighbors.’  Why is a survey for your North Texas property so important to a great relationship with your neighbors?  Because knowing exactly what’s yours and what’s theirs keeps strife to a minimum.  But friendly neighborly relations aren’t the only reason to have your property surveyed.  Here are the top five reasons property owners like you should seek a property survey in Frisco, TX:

1 – To determine boundary lines.  This is the main reason for seeking a property survey if you want to make sure that you’re not encroaching on your neighbor’s property and that they’re not encroaching on yours.  Getting a survey before you build a fence or add a deck or even plant trees is a good idea that will save you money and aggravation because you could be legally obligated to remove these items if they extend over your property lines.  Additionally, the boundary line certification will tell you whether or not the legal description of your property is accurate.

2 – To determine if there are any rights-of-way, easements or abandoned roads associated with your property.  A survey will indicate the legally-imposed conditions that are reflected in your title report and in other agreements.  For example, if your property blocks your neighbor’s access to a road, there may an agreement on file that grants him the right to cross your property at will to access the road. 

3 – To determine the existence of a legal obligation to maintain common improvements or structures.  If your driveway abuts your neighbor’s driveway, or yours is one half of a whole driveway, you may be legally obligated to maintain your half.  A survey can also reveal a reciprocal obligation to maintain party walls, rights-of-support, encroachments, overhangs and projections.

4 – To determine if existing improvements on your property are legal.  The surveyor can usually certify if any improvements you or a previous homeowner have made to the property, including alterations and repairs, are not in violation of any laws or codes.  These codes or other restrictions can include limits on size, bulk, height, frontage, building lines, set-backs and parking.

5 –  To determine the location of utility lines and drains.  A property survey in Frisco, TX will determine the existence and location of water, electric, gas and telephone pipes, drains, wires, cables, manhole covers, catchbasins and more.  This information is important for two reasons.  First, you’ll know that your local utility company may have the right to access pipes, wires, etc. on your property without your specific permission.  Second, you must know the location of any underground pipes and lines in case you plan to do any digging on your property that could potentially disturb utilities.

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