Professional Surveying in Frisco TX Nips Property Surprises in the Bud

Surveying Frisco TXBuilding a new structure is typically when professional surveying in Frisco TX comes in most handy. Whether for commercial or residential building, a land survey will reveal a great deal of useful information about the building site.

Land Surveying for New Construction:

Land surveys shed light on boundaries, additional assets on the property and it pinpoints property encroachment, if any exist, by others. Real Estate Lawyers also points out that a land survey will detail the type of land. This information is vital for new construction as some kinds of property, such as steeply inclining land or wetland, are not optimal for commercial building ventures.

Land Surveying for Existing Residential Property:

Surveying Frisco TX property should also be done before the sale of an existing structure. According to San Francisco Gate Homes, most mortgage lenders want to see the results of a survey before approving a home loan. The lender needs to be sure that all of the improvements to the property are properly documented, in addition to the official, legal size of the lot.

The survey will verify the accuracy of existing documents pertaining to the land, and will note any corrections. With a land survey in place, there cannot be a dispute about boundaries, such as where your neighbor’s land ends, and yours begins. Knowing land boundaries is vital for property enhancements, such as a guest house or a pool, as you will know precisely how much space you have on your property without encroaching on your neighbor’s property.

Easements and shared portions of properties are also elements that a land survey will define. For new and existing structures, it is useful to know what rights of way have been issued and to whom. Having the boundaries clearly defined will help avoid any surprises later when you are ready to improve your property or even when you go to sell the home.  

Since 1946, John Cowan and Associates have been surveying Frisco TX land, providing a vital service to Texas home and business owners. Though the company offers any type of land survey, it specializes in residential and commercial developments. The skilled, professional team at John Cowan and Associates goes the extra mile to learn about technological advances in the field of surveying and to incorporate them with the extensive experience they already possess. Before you buy or build, contact John Cowan and Associates for the professional and precise land survey you need.  

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