Commercial Survey Frisco TX: Following the Steps of Former Presidents

Commercial Survey Frisco TXNeed a commercial survey? Frisco TX is home to a booming local economy, so you’re certainly not alone. American homeowners and businesses have needed surveys since the colonial days, and you might be surprised to learn that some very famous Americans worked in the surveying industry before their rise to leadership. Have a look at these former presidents who work as land surveyors!

George Washington

Many counties in the United States have a registered County Surveyor — it’s an official title, and it has a rich history. Would you believe that the first County Surveyor in America was George Washington? That’s right. Our nation’s first president got his start in public service by land surveying.

He got off to an early start; he was appointed to his position at the age of 17 (keep in mind that 17 didn’t seem as young to people living in the mid-18th century since life expectancy was under 40 years old). It’s hard to imagine an era when North America had to actively encourage expansion, but in 1749 the colony paid each speculator 1,000 acres for every family they convinced to move towards the west. “West” meaning towards Roanoke or Kentucky, or a day’s ride in a wagon perhaps. The “Wild West” was still a long way off.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson followed in George Washington’s footsteps and earned the title of County Surveyor in 1773. His post was in Albermarle County, Virginia.

Surprisingly, his land surveying roots were evident throughout his political life, both during his tenure as Secretary of State and as the President. He started off as Secretary of State by encouraging young land surveyors, whom he appointed, to conquer new territory towards the west.

While president, Jefferson took his dreams of expansion much further by commissioning the Lewis and Clark expedition. The United States acquired the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, but the government hardly knew what the land contained. Lewis and Clark traveled from 1804-1806 to plot out the and find a route across the western half of the continent.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln began surveying as a young man in 1833. After he was approved for the job, he set after his new profession with the same work ethic that endeared him to the American people years later. He spent six weeks of late night studying to master trigonometry, measurements, and how to use the technical instruments while he also worked during the day. He worked in Sangamon County Illinois under the supervision of John Calhoun, and after a few years of surveying moved on to his next self-learned skill—law.

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