Property Survey Frisco TX: What it Tells You About Your Property

Property Survey Frisco TXOften people don’t realize just how much a property survey in Frisco, TX can do for them. Commonly, homeowners will have their property surveyed just before they decide to put it up for sale. This kind of survey is intended to establish the property’s boundary lines so both seller and buyer can know the specific amount of property that they are selling. However, property surveys can be used to tell you much more about your property than just where the boundary lines are.

Overlaps and Gaps

In addition to determining the boundary line, surveys also determine whether or not there are discrepancies between your property and the property next door. This often includes pieces of land that might have once belonged to your home, but have since been subsumed by your neighbor’s fence. Also, this portion of the survey is especially pertinent when your property is adjoining to an alley, road, highway, or street. Often in these circumstances people leave a piece of their property unclaimed because they make an assumption about how far the road extends.

Public Utility Lines

Although electric poles and above ground lines are obvious to the casual viewer, a property survey near Frisco, TX can also tell you the location of some of the more common public utilities within your yard. These include things like water, electric, gas, and telephone pipes, as well as other drains, wires, and cables you might have within the bounds of your property. You always need to know the location of these utilities before you begin any construction or excavation. Doing something like accidentally hitting a water main because you were unsure of the pipe’s location would be both time consuming and expensive to fix. Also, the utility company might have the right to come onto your property to maintain the various utilities. That knowledge might change how you landscape or maintain that portion of your property.

A property survey near Frisco, TX can tell you most relevant pieces of information about your property than simply where the boundary lines are drawn. A survey can also tell you things about the interior of your property. With the knowledge that can be provided to you by John Cowan & Associates from our property surveys, you can make better decisions about what you might want to do with your land. Call us today at (214) 504-5305 to find out more about the kinds of surveys we offer.

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