Surveying in Frisco, TX: Know Your Boundaries with a Land Survey

Surveying Frisco TXIf you want to buy land to build a new home, or buy an existing home, be safe and use surveying services in Frisco, TX. A surveyor determines property boundaries and measurements. This information helps you decide how and where to build fences, sunrooms or other addition to your property without encroaching on your neighbor’s land.

What is a Property Survey?

 A property survey, also called a cadastral survey, provides you with an accurate, legal assessment of land placement, easements and boundary lines. It shows you where your property ends and where your neighbor’s land begins. These measurements are helpful when you want to build a fence or do other work on your property. If you hire surveying services in Frisco, TX, you’ll have a clear-cut boundary measurement indicating where your property ends, preventing arguments when another party wants to erect a fence or building next to your home. You’ll be able to prove you have the right to build a fence or other structure on your property without encroaching on your neighbor’s land. A professional land survey is necessary to avoid legal entanglements and expense after you’ve bought your home. If you have the results of a cadastral survey, you can settle any property dispute without going to court or scrambling to find a surveyor for spur of the moment documentation.

What Should I Look for in Surveying Services in Frisco, TX ?

Look for a licensed, insured surveying company with many years experience in your city or county. Many surveyors handle residential, commercial and rural projects, land planning and environmental surveys. Larger, more established companies do construction staking, oil and gas well location surveying and pipeline route surveys for large projects.

An experienced surveyor will give you a free estimate for services. Once you’ve hired a surveying contractor, you’ll need to show him or her a copy of your deed or other legal description. A copy of a prior survey or an abstract will also help the surveyor. The land survey results locate, describe and map the corners and boundaries of your property. A boundary indicates the natural or man-made dividing line between two adjacent properties. Surveyors use theodolites to measure angles. A theodolite resembles a large camera or telescope and is usually mounted on a tripod. Your surveyor may also use markers or monuments to indicate boundaries and key points on the property.

Property surveys help homeowners avoid arguments over land boundaries. Call John Cowan and Associates surveying services in Frisco, TX at (972) 635-4300 before buying land or authorizing new construction.

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