Surveying Frisco TX: 4 Reasons You Need a Property Survey

Surveying Frisco TXLand surveying in Frisco TX helps home buyers prevent potential boundary disputes with neighbors. There are many ways a land survey can protect you from costly litigation after you’ve purchased your home or built on your property. A land surveyor measures pieces of property to determine boundary lines. Boundary information is crucial for the placement of roads and buildings. Clearly determining property lines at the beginning of the building process lead to the creation of maps indicating property location. These measurements are legally binding and can be presented in court if necessary. Here are a few reasons property owners benefit from land surveys:

1- Surveying in Frisco TX Determines Boundary Lines

Before you build a sunroom, fence or addition to your home, you need to make sure that all the building is done on your property, not your neighbor’s. A licensed surveyor will show you exactly where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. An official boundary line certification helps you write a legal description of your property, so when you decide to sell it there’s no question as to where your property begins and ends.

2- Surveying Determines the Legality of Property Additions

A licensed surveyor will give you an “all clear” for repairs and alterations to your property. Any work done on your property must adhere to local laws. All cities and municipalities have restrictions regarding height, dimension, bulk, frontage and set-backs. Your survey will tell whether your original plans violate a local ordinance. If so, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board and revise your plan.

 3- Finding Gores, Gaps and Overlaps

Professional land surveying in Frisco TX can prove there are no discrepancies between your property boundaries and your neighbor’s. If you live in an area that’s filled with continuous roads, streets or alleyways, it’s important to have a surveyor look for overlaps and gaps between properties.

4- Easements and Rights-of Way

A survey indicates lawful conditions that are included in the property title report and other legal papers. If your yard blocks your neighbor’s access to the street, he or she may be allowed to walk across your lawn to get to the road.

Those are just a few reasons you need to call John Cowan and Associates land surveying in Frisco Texas to protect your property. Since 1946, we’ve provided surveying and related services throughout eastern Texas and western Louisiana. We provide construction staking, land planning, elevation certificates and land surveys for homeowners, businesses and government. Call us today at (972) 635-4300 for more information.

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