Land Surveying Frisco TX: 5 Reasons A House Location Survey Matters

Land Surveying Frisco TXWhen purchasing a home, many buyers think the existing copy of the plat is sufficient. However, what most do not realize is that things have likely changed on the property since the previous survey was made. In too many cases, the perceived boundaries, from fences to tree lines, differ greatly from the original recorded boundaries. Contacting a land surveying Frisco TX company like John Cowan & Associates can help expose issues before you buy. Here are 5 reasons to obtain a survey before it’s too late.

Reasons for Land Surveying Frisco TX

Confirm Property Location and Existence
Combined with the title report, the house location survey forms the basis of your issuance insurance. You should never accept a title insurance blanket exception without a professional and proper house location survey. Any discrepancies should be addressed prior to settlement.

Outline Adjoining Property Relationships
Your land surveying Frisco TX company will research information on the property of interest and the adjoining properties using land records and other public files. Once this initial research is complete, they will then perform the required onsite evaluation, measuring physical improvements, locating corner monumentation and other fieldwork.

Establish Occupation and Use
The surveyor will also describe any discrepancies that may exist between the actual current occupation or use of the property and what is in the description of the record. After the findings have been compared, the surveyor will draft a plat with property limits and location of power poles, drainage ditches, manholes, as well as cable and telephone boxes.

Ensure Compliance
If you are planning new construction it is especially important to get a house location survey. Building contractors do not share the expertise of land surveyors and should not be relied upon to accurately determine the construction location in relation to your lot lines. You should also confirm whether your new construction complies with local government zoning restrictions or homeowners association.

Peace of Mind
Whether selling or buying a home, house location surveys are of compelling value. It is the only way for buyers to confirm the basic information about the property, and it gives them confidence that the property boundaries have been clearly defined, and the security of knowing that what they see is what they get.

When you buy, build, or modify your property, you do not want surprises that can cost you major time and money. If you’re property needs include house location surveying or land surveying Frisco TX, call John Cowan & Associates today at 972.635.4300 to get started.

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