Surveying Frisco TX: Avoid Legal Headaches with a Boundary Survey

Surveying Frisco TXOne of the most common non-commercial uses for land surveying Frisco TX is the boundary survey. A boundary survey determines the boundary of your property relative to your neighbor’s. In the absence of an understanding of these boundaries, potentially legal disputes and misunderstandings may fester and flourish. Therefore, it is imperative that property owners understand the precise limits of their property, especially when considering any improvements or amendments that could possibly encroach upon those boundaries.

What is boundary surveying Frisco TX?

This type of survey is used to establish the extent of your property, with particular importance placed on the definition of the property’s corners. Once complete, the surveying company will create a new map of your property or make updates to an existing map of your property with the updated boundaries. A physical record of the survey on the land itself may also be created by the surveyor, usually in the form of a specially erected fence or a series of stakes.

When Should You Have a Boundary Survey Performed?

Boundary surveys should be performed at fairly regular intervals, especially to confirm the information on the title deed of a new parcel purchase. These types of surveys are also crucial for instances when landowners are required to cede portions of land to municipal bodies, like eminent domain for city development of improvement. And of course, any instance where mineral leases or land-use agreements are being discussed should be accompanied by a boundary survey as well.Who Should Perform the Boundary Survey?

You should always choose a company licensed in surveying Frisco TX. Although you can use a non-licensed surveyor, know that their findings may not hold up during a legal dispute and the corresponding contrary evidence.

How Much Will It Cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of a boundary survey, including the protocols of the surveying company. Factors that influence cost can include the size, location and ruggedness of your property, as well as accessibility. Any seasonal circumstances such as leaf cover could also impact the process. Despite any expense, a boundary survey is a crucial component of you landowner ownership plan, and the cost will likely be eclipsed by the benefits of understanding your property’s limitations.

If you’re looking into surveying Frisco TX, call John Cowan & Associates today at 972-635-4300 to get started. While John Cowan & Associates continues to be involved in all aspects of land surveying, we have seen our clientele concentrate more in commercial and residential developments in recent years. Larger projects include a number of jobs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, and the Dollar General Corporation.

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