Construction Survey Frisco TX: Ensure Success for Building Projects

Construction Survey Frisco TXA construction survey Frisco TX stakes out reference points for the building of roads or structures. During a construction survey (also called a site layout survey or construction staking), the surveyors use coordinates to indicate the locations of original construction or the areas for necessary improvements on existing structures. Surveyors take the builder’s construction plans and measure the property site using reference points. This ensures construction achieves the builder’s and architect’s goals. A construction survey, like a land survey, will help property owners avoid any surprises during building or renovation. Exact measurements leave no aspect of the project to chance.

Construction Survey Frisco TX: Guideline for Builders

The construction survey determines vertical measurements and horizontal benchmarks to help builders complete a working plan for a project. Construction surveys are ordered for complicated projects, like airports, bridges or residential towers, but they can also be used for measuring a foundation for a single home or garage.

During a construction staking or a construction survey, the surveyor does one or more of the following:

>  Indicates the location of structures, additions or improvements

>  Verifies markers and reference points to guide new construction

>  Stakes the construction trailer’s location, lot corners, and limit of work

>  Indicates horizontal control on multiple floors

>  Provides offsets and layouts for construction

>  Surveys current condition of worksite, including underground infrastructure, topography, and existing buildings

>  Does an As-built survey at the end of construction to ensure work completed was accomplished according to plan

Construction Survey Frisco TX: Ensure a Smooth and Compliant Building Project

A construction survey covers all basic aspects of the land involved, including boundaries with adjoining properties, compliance with local laws, and land curves and characteristics.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS), the same technology used in your car and cell phone, is now used by surveyors to provide more accurate data, without delays caused by inclement weather or using the conventional equipment. This high-tech method provides a bigger guarantee of a successful and trouble-free construction.

For a construction survey Frisco TX, contact John Cowan and Associates. Founded in 1946, we’ve worked on oil and gas related projects, commercial and residential developments, elevation certificates, environmental surveys and other services for land owners.

Let us know how we can help make your next construction project a success. Our surveyors have worked on land and/or construction surveys for projects as diverse as the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, Brown’s Landing, a residential community in Lake Palestine, Texas, and the East Texas Complex (a natural gas pipeline for Duke Energy).  Call us today at (972) 635-4300 or contact us online .

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