Commercial Survey Frisco TX: Reasons for Property Surveys

Commercial Survey Frisco TXWhen a landowner requests a commercial survey Frisco TX, many different types of measurements may be taken. Some property owners need basic surveys to indicate boundaries and land features while others need more detailed information regarding flood plains, air rights or other features.

Commercial Survey Frisco TX: A Tool for Better Construction and Management

A monumentation survey indicates the placement of iron pins or concrete markers to mark parcel corners. An owner requests this type of survey before building a fence on property boundary lines.

When a property owner specifies areas needing improvements, such as sidewalks, curbs or the foundation, an as-built survey indicates those locations in addition to boundary lines. A mortgagee usually requests this type of survey as one of the conditions of closing a mortgage.

An easement survey indicates easements inside a land parcel’s boundaries. This is important if construction is slated to occur. The landowner needs to ensure improvements are made only with permission of all parties concerned.

A zoning survey shows the current land use classification, what the land parcel is used for, and what improvements are needed.

Commercial Survey Frisco TX: Specialty Land Surveys

Landowners find out where flood hazards may occur with a flood plain survey. Based on FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) maps and information from the U.S. Corps of Engineers or private contractors, a flood plain survey determines the age of the flood plain area. Most flood plain surveys are included as part of a mortgage survey or an as-built survey.

An air rights survey shows easements needed for support and utilities. It features a rectangular layout of the land on a horizontal plane. It also shows the vertical arrangement of the parcel as it relates to the ground and adjacent land areas.

A leasehold survey shows the leased parcel as part of the entire area or just the leasehold parcel’s boundaries, along with any of its inside divisions. The leasehold survey will show any easements required for proper use of the lease, like utility easements. Leasehold means you own the property, but not the land it stands on, as opposed to freehold, which means you own the property and the land.

John Cowan and Associates can perform any type of commercial survey Frisco TX for your project.  We’ve served the east Texas area since 1946, completing surveys for Fairway Field, Westwood Shores and Exxon Coal, among others.  Recent projects include Baptist Student Ministries and The Shops at Starwood. Give us a call today at 972-635-4300 for more information about our services.

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