Survey Companies Frisco TX: Why Get a Survey if It’s Not Required?

Survey Companies Frisco TXSurvey companies Frisco TX offer valuable services to construction companies and title companies, but they are just as useful for residential and commercial developers. When you are looking at developing land and plan on constructing anything on the property from residences to office buildings, outbuildings, or fences, it is vital to have boundaries expressly and accurately outlined. Knowing the exact dimensions and boundaries of your property is crucial in those instances, and survey companies are experts at pinning those specifics down for you.

Survey Companies Frisco TX: Why Can’t I Just Save Money and Skip the Survey?

In the past, land surveys were an expected part of purchasing land, but some banks have cut them out of the process in an effort to reduce costs in response to the housing and real estate crisis. Some developers may not want to go through what they perceive to be the hassle of having their property surveyed if their bank isn’t requiring it, but jumping the gun to start construction anywhere on your property could cost time and money. If you are not aware of the exact location of property lines, you might end up building a wall or fence on neighboring property. Considering that many cities have regulations regarding how close to your own property line structures can be built,  then knowing the location of the property line can save the headache and hassle–not to mention the cost–of starting construction, then having to tear it down and start again three feet to the left.

Land Survey Frisco TX: Can I Afford a Survey?

Another mistake people make when considering land surveys is thinking that they are expensive. The truth is that various issues will affect what you end up paying for a survey of your property. Things such as existing markers, record availability, the type of survey you need, whether you need a map, and even the landscape all factor into how much a survey may cost. The terrific thing about hiring a registered, professional surveyor is that they can provide you with an estimate before beginning the job to eliminate surprises down the road.

John Cowan & Associates Land Surveyors Frisco TX Can Give you Expert Help

When you are looking for survey companies Frisco TX, contact John Cowan & Associates at 972-635-4300. This company has been surveying land in Texas since 1946 and has grown to include commercial projects along with residential. Technology is an important aspect in the surveying industry, and John Cowan & Associates makes it a priority to stay up to date with the latest equipment and regulations, too. They are experts in providing various types of surveys, including new construction and commercial development and are happy to consult with you on any project you undertake.

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