Property Survey Frisco TX: Reasons for a Topographic Survey

Property Survey Frisco TXA property survey Frisco TX determines the size and boundaries of a parcel of land. A surveyor or engineer may also perform a topographic survey (sometimes shortened to “topo survey”) for the purpose of finding natural and synthetic land features. Home owners, business owners and people in charge of industrial projects need to know exactly where hills, trees, ponds and ravines are located on a piece of land before new construction takes place. Surveys also reveal details that might not appear on a regular map, like vegetation and any wooded areas.

The land owner and architect also need to know where utility poles and lines, underground pipes and other man-made structures are before drawing plans. This helps them avoid problems once they break ground for the project.

Property Survey Frisco TX: How Topographic Surveys are Conducted

Engineers perform topographic surveys by conventional, land-based methods or using aerial photos taken from a helicopter or plane. When precise measurements are needed, surveyors use a conventional topographic survey. By using a GPS unit or an EDM instrument that uses light and radio waves to measure distance, surveyors get a more accurate measurement. Conventional topographic surveys are necessary for sewer mains and other projects that need to be within a fraction of an inch. Aerial measurements have an error margin of a half-foot.

Aerial photos are taken from a pre-determined distance. The surveyor then studies the aerial photos as an overlapping pair to visualize the land surface and indicate features.

Land Surveying Frisco Tx: The Completed Topographic Survey

 A topographic map is drawn using contour lines to represent elevation and all features and structures indicated in text. This map shows the framework of the land, which helps builders, utility companies or the government to use the area more efficiently. Construction companies use the topographic survey to determine how much dirt will need to be removed to begin work. Architects use the topographic survey to help formulate final design plans.

A topo survey is often used on sites with difficult terrain (steep slopes, etc.) to determine if it can be altered for future construction.

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