Construction Survey Frisco TX: The Ins and Outs of How a Survey Works

Construction Survey Frisco TXBuilders rely on a construction survey Frisco TX to prepare land for groundbreaking and initial installation.  Surveyors measure the land to find reference points and marks for installing new structures.  A construction survey is used to evaluate the area and its suitability for a project. The surveyor notes the land’s features and obstructions to make the construction process advance without encumbrances.

A survey is necessary when buying any new property to make sure you don’t encounter any problems once construction begins. Working from old surveys or topographic maps won’t guarantee accurate results, as the land may have changed from erosion, prior construction or other disturbances.

Construction Survey Frisco TX:  Determining the Layout for Installation

Survey measurements clarify the locations of the improvements or new structures, making it easier for engineers to finalize their plans. Builders use the survey results to determine dimensions, configurations and elevations for the planned structures.

The surveyor puts the measurements in documents for the engineers and landowners to study. These measurements must be accurate to ensure proper placement of structures.

During the research and mapping phase of a construction survey, data is collected and a survey control plan is established. This basic survey creates the scheme that helps engineers design the buildings or other structures in detail and estimate the costs of the project and how long it will take.

Construction Survey Frisco TX:  Design Data

After the basic survey, the surveyor gathers design data. This includes hard copies and digital files of vertical and horizontal control data, vertical and horizontal alignments, the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for new roadways and Right of Way (R/W) data, including maps and descriptions.

Field work needed to gather information involves replacing and augmenting control stations necessary for the project and random inspection of the horizontal and vertical control network.  Recovery of current horizontal and vertical control, comparing new coordinates to the original measurements and other checks help verify the survey’s accuracy and confirm the terrain model.

A completed construction survey is a detailed topographic survey map showing the lot boundaries, bodies of water, easements, utility lines and features of the property. The lines on the topographic map indicate the elevations.

John Cowan and Associates can perform your construction survey Frisco TX to provide accurate measurements on property for new homes or businesses. We’re registered surveyors who offer a variety of services, including residential and commercial surveys, pipeline route surveys and oil and gas well locations. For all your survey needs, call us at 972-635-4300. We’re a veteran-owned business and a member of the Dallas Builders’ Association.

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