Construction Survey Frisco TX: How GPS Is Changing Surveying

Construction Survey Frisco TXIf you need a construction survey Frisco TX, you should know that at John Cowan & Associates, we stay abreast of technological advances in the field of surveying and apply them to the work we do to ensure the highest level of service to our customers.  A somewhat recent but significant advancement in surveying has been the use of GPS, or Global Positioning Systems.  GPS has proven to be a boon to more than just the flustered motorist lost in a new city; it has also dramatically increased productivity in surveying and has resulted in more accurate and reliable data.

Construction Survey Frisco TX:  What Exactly is GPS?

GPS is a space-based, radio-navigation system that provides worldwide, all-weather, three-dimensional position, velocity, navigation and time data to both civilian and military users.  The U.S. Department of Defense first developed satellite-based, global positioning technology for the military starting in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2000 that precision GPS navigation became open to the public.  Today, a network of 24 U.S.-based GPS satellites orbit the earth, ensuring that at least three are available at any one time for a device’s position request anywhere on the globe.

Construction Surveying Frisco TX:  How GPS Works

GPS can provide an accurate digital map for surveyors because it operates on the principle of triangulation or, more correctly, trilateration, since there are no angles involved.  If the difference from an observer to three known points can be measured, the position of the observer can be calculated.  The GPS satellites that orbit the earth continuously broadcast their position, a timing signal and other information.  By combining measurements from four different satellites, users with GPS receivers can determine their 3-dimensional position.

Construction Surveying And Layout Frisco TX:  Why Surveyors Use GPS

Conventional surveying technology is more time-consuming and often requires multiple trips to the same site to gather data and to ensure that the collected data is accurate.  Weather, specifically rain, snow and extreme heat, can delay data collection and highway surveys.  Additionally, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to the correct handling and use of conventional surveying equipment.  GPS technology is not only easier to learn to use, but it has also increased the productivity of survey crews, reduced data collection time, improved survey accuracy and allowed crews to work under a wide range of weather conditions.

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