A Commercial Survey in Frisco TX Outlines Exactly What You’re Buying

Commercial Survey Frisco TXObtaining a commercial survey in Frisco TX before completing the purchase of a commercial property is recommended for any business-buying venture. Naturally, if a mortgage will be required, the lender will want to see a commercial survey of the property as part of the title insurance portion of the transaction. Even without a lender imposing that condition on the sale, it is in the buyer’s best interest to have a commercial survey done to ensure they know exactly what they are buying.

Commercial Surveys Provide a Clear Picture

When you order a commercial survey, Frisco TX professional land surveyors will thoroughly research the property you want to buy. They will look at the history and clearly describe ownership areas, property boundaries, easements and improvements, any existing encroachments, encumbrances, rights-of-way that might exist, and any other important features or facts that are relevant to the ownership of the property.

All of those issues are important whether you are buying land for development or you are purchasing land with existing structures. If you will be building on the land, issues such as boundaries, easements, and rights-of-way could affect where you position the buildings, areas allocated for parking, and what locations you can or should place storage or other outbuildings. Alternatively, even when you’re buying a building to use for commercial purposes, you may want to build or move fences or other structures on the property, projects that can’t be undertaken without knowing the property’s boundaries or if there are any rights-of-way that need to be respected.

Commercial Surveys Are More Accurate Than Ever

When a commercial survey is performed, it often results in a new legal description, according to the Mississippi Business Journal. That’s because most pieces of property have surveys, titles, and legal descriptions dating back to the early 1900s–and some are even older than that. Few, if any, properties have not changed through time plus, with advances in technology, today’s surveys are far more accurate than the originals and are more precise even than surveys conducted 10 years ago.

When you need a commercial survey come to John Cowan & Associates. They are the professional survey firm that has over 70 years experience in all areas of land surveying including commercial surveys. John Cowan & Associates takes pride in its valuable history but is just as proud of the cutting-edge technology they employ to provide the most comprehensive and accurate surveys for their clients. When you need a commercial survey in Frisco TX, call John Cowan & Associates. 972-635-4300

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