5 Reasons to Take a Construction Survey in Frisco Tx Before Building

Construction Survey Frisco TXBuilding a structure (or adding to one) on your property is an expensive undertaking. Once architects and land developers have staked out a viable plan for the structure, it’s imperative to conduct a construction survey before breaking ground.

Licensed professional surveyors must identify the locations of gas pipelines, waste and water lines and other existing utilities under the ground.  If new water lines or other utilities are to be installed, the surveyor will mark the precise point where it should be placed. A construction survey indicates the exact location where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins, and pinpoints the proper length and width of any parking lot or driveway to be built on your property. The surveyor’s work is the conduit between the architect’s plan and accurate physical construction work to make the planner’s concept a reality.  There are several reasons you need to invest in a construction survey before building or renovating. Here are a few of them.

Construction Surveys are Required by Law
Regardless of your property’s location, one or more governmental bodies will have jurisdiction over it. If a building permit is required so is a land survey or construction survey. A site map is created from survey results, and government or board officials can see the project’s relationship to fault lines, floodplains and other topographic features.

Zoning Limitations
Property surveys let the local jurisdiction know how to tax the property. If it is located in a multi-use zone, it may be taxed differently than property in a single-use zone. Boundary lines also make sure construction doesn’t stray into adjacent property.

Parking Lot and Driveway Grades
Before cutting the surface for a driveway, parking space or parking lot, the surveyor needs to determine water drainage patterns. Driveways and parking lots need building permits, just like other structures.

Land Stability
A construction survey helps determine the stability of the land and prevent any road, driveway or structure from being built on unstable or weak ground.

Budgetary Concerns
You’ll save money in the long run by investing in a survey. Conducting a land or construction survey ensures that your building’s foundation will be sturdy and that all parts of the structure are built according to the architect’s plans. This reduces the chance of mistakes and time and money spent on repairs to the structure.

If you need a construction survey, call John Cowan and Associates at (972) 635-4300. We’ve provided superior service to the East Texas area since 1946. We also offer environmental surveys, topographic surveys and elevation certificates for construction projects.

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